Beta (Junior)

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Billingsley Jr. Beta Club

The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Billingsley School.


Billingsley Jr. Beta Club Guidelines

  • Evaluation of the students’ grades each grading period.
  • The student must maintain A/B Honor Roll on all subjects during the grading period.
  • Failure to maintain an A/B for one grading period will result in probation until the next grading period.
  • Failure to maintain an A/B for a second grading period will result in dismissal of the club.
  • One grade of “C” will be a probation period for one nine weeks. Two “C”’s on one grading period will result in dismissal from the club.
  • A grade of an “F” in any subject will result in immediate dismissal from the Club.
  • Members should participate in fundraiser and all Beta Club Activities.
  • Each member will render 2 hours of community service per semester and proof of that community service must be turned in at the proper time. Failure to turn in proof of community service by the due date will result in probation and dismissal if not made up for a second nine weeks grading period. (Keeping the nursery at church, tutoring an elementary child, staying after school to help clean the school, ect.)

Behavior Guidelines

  • It is extremely important how we conduct ourselves inside and outside the classroom.  All members are to follow these guidelines closely.
  • Misbehavior in class will result in a warning from the teacher and or sponsor.
  • Continuous misbehavior during a grading period will result in a conference with the Club Sponsor with possible removal from the club.
  • Remember how a person acts, speaks, and behaves defines his or her moral character. You are to be the leaders of the school.


  • Dues are $20.00 a year and should be paid during the time of notification.